15 Perfect Pasta Dishes @Foodie @FoodieByGlam

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Check out 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes

by melissa weintraub at Foodie.com

I am totally obsessed with Italian food and one of my favorite dishes is pasta. Being married to an Italian guy, my love of pasta started the day we first met. Since then, we try to come up with inventive ways to incorporate pasta into our meals. With our mutual love of pasta, I am always searching for some great recipes. Now with the help of Foodie.com, I compiled a list of 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes that will be sure to appease everyone in your family.

PicMonkey Collage 1024x1024 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes @Foodie @FoodieByGlam

The first recipe I want to try is Capellini con Burro e Basilico. My family LOVES Capellini and this recipe looks absolutely amazing!

Sundayurro e Basilico 2 640 1 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes @Foodie @FoodieByGlam


I also can’t wait to try this Hearty Pasta Salad that uses elbow pasta. This would be the perfect fall side salad for our upcoming events that we are hosting. Again, it looks simply delicious.

Screen Shot 2014 09 01 at 10.15.03 PM 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes @Foodie @FoodieByGlam

If you are on the hunt for some great pasta dishes, be sure to check out my collection above!

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Photography Central- Searching for Great Photographers in Your Area!

*This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


image009 1024x479 Photography Central  Searching for Great Photographers in Your Area! Hanging in our hallway we have an aged and yellowing wedding photograph of my grandparents. They stoically stand side by side in their back tux and white gown somehow still looking chic, and stylized, and it is one of our prized possessions. Because of them, and how much we cherish that photograph I knew that one of the most important elements in planning our wedding was to hire a great photographer, and be willing to pay a higher price to do so. One of my good friends had tried to go the less expensive route and ended up with shadowy photos that were nothing special. I knew that our wedding photographs would be some of the most special lasting mementos from our wedding day. I knew that we would be able to hang our wedding photo on our wall, and that eventually we may be hanging on our grandkid’s wall too. The photos had to be good!image010 1024x721 Photography Central  Searching for Great Photographers in Your Area!

We have been married a while now and since moved to a new state so when we were recently looking for a photographer for a family event I was not sure where to begin. We asked around and I had a few recommendations, but no way to look up portfolios and none were raving reviews. Again these photos had to be good! Luckily I discovered a new service available called Photographer Central. Launched by Zenfolio, an already trusted online photography hosting service, Photographer Central is a free service that does not require registration. It makes searching for a photographer in your area simple with visual profiles to look through on a clean, informative interface. It is easy to quickly find the perfect photographer according to location, budget, and your preferred style.

We found a great photographer in our area through Photographer Central for our recent event, and love the outcome of the beautiful photographs. Anyone looking to capture a portrait, host an event or plan a wedding will love this service and be grateful to avoid what can otherwise be can be a frustrating process. Remember, the photographs that warrant a professional photographer to capture are may be the ones worth passing on for generations, you want those to be good!

Be sure to check out Photography Central which allows consumers to search for photographers in their area free of charge. Consumers can also search based on budget and topics – wedding, maternity, baby, newborn, engagement, event, portraits, etc! What a wonderful service! To learn more, follow Photography Central on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest today. Be sure to find a photographer that will be sure to capture all those special moments in your life!

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The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is Simply AMAZING! #SprintMom

**I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint. I received a sample device to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.**

Since having my third child a few months ago I know I’ve mentioned beginning to attempt to get back down to my pre-baby weight a few times. I want to share with you my true inspiration and partner in these efforts. It has been the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport, which is the exclusive new Spark-enabled smartphone with both the hardware and software for today’s health-conscious users.  I’ll be honest, aside from my love for tennis, I do not love working out. I find the best quick workout for me to be a short run or long walk, because if I do a loop around my neighborhood, I have to make my way back home. There is no getting out of it like when I’m on the treadmill or stationary bike in the basement.DSC 1170 The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is Simply AMAZING! #SprintMom Having a workout companion in my Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport has brought a whole new level of excitement about the way I feel about trying to get back into shape and preparing to run my first half marathon in February. Samsung must have really looked into what motivates people when they collaborated with health and fitness market leaders like Under Armour and MapMyFitness. They have teamed up with these fitness experts to offer mobile solutions for nearly every health and fitness lifestyle need. One built in app that I love is S Health, which keeps track of my fitness goals, activities, and helps me on my way to great overall health. I love that I am able to back my data up right on the server, so if my phone shuts off and I have the dreaded feeling that I lost everything, I know that it is backed up and I can get my information right back.DSC 1171 1024x682 The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is Simply AMAZING! #SprintMom With this phone there really is no excuse to not get moving. The integrated mobile health platform lets you access health info, map out your workouts, and even make healthier eating choices. That’s not to mention the compass, stopwatch, barometer, pedometer, ability to record sleep data, and a great flashlight! I know, it’s like the MacGyver of phones! One feature that I love is that it comes with a built-in heart-rate monitor that helps you monitor your heart rate before and after you exercise which is critical to gauging if you are pushing yourself enough (or too much, which is never the problem for me!) and measuring your progress.

For me music is the key element in getting me moving is if I have a good enough soundtrack. This is what helps me  get motivated. Sprint must have known that when they put together Sprint Fit Live and integrated its capability with my Spotify playlists. Since we are on the SprintFramily plan with the phone we even got to enjoy 3 months free of Spotify premium.

With the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport you can keep track of your workouts, and monitor your heart rate to help you more effectively achieve your fitness goals. All of my fitness activities can be tracked by GPS with MapMyFitness, and it keeps a record for me to refer back to of all my workout details like duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled, all on an interactive map. Ok, truth be told I really hated that feature at first when I’d come home feeling like I’d just run a marathon, only to be told by my MapMyFitness profile that I’d merely done an 11 minute mile. Yeah, there was a bit of cursing it out back then, but as I’ve increased my fitness I’ve come around to loving being able to keep track of my progress Now I rely on my MapMyFitness and I don’t think I can do my workouts without it. It is an invaluable feature to me.  See, sometimes you have to start at zero to get the satisfaction of seeing progress, but hey, I just had a baby! Give me a break!

One more element that I have to mention is that the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport smartphone has the added benefit of running on the Sprint Spark network, which enhances the phone’s LTE service, allowing for high quality video. When I use this camera, I get crisp pictures. The shudder speed is extremely fast so I can take tons of pictures of my kids everyday.  I take a ton of videos and pictures of baby Taylor and this phone allows me to take them beautifully and store them away to show my friends and family. Pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy S 5: 10660149 10203963890651750 7836879212778090432 n 1 The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is Simply AMAZING! #SprintMom 14805 10152548521829356 3863775153820751044 n The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is Simply AMAZING! #SprintMomHere are the dimensions and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport:Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Cherry Red back low res1 The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport is Simply AMAZING! #SprintMom Dimensions: 5.7 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.4 inches (144mm x 74mm x 8.9mm) Weight: 5.6 ounces (158 grams) Display: 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED® display (1920×1080) Battery: 2,800mAh Lithium-ion battery Memory: 16GB internal memory (ROM), 2GB (RAM) microSD™ card slot supports up to 128GB Color Options: Electric Blue and Cherry Red

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport has got me on the move. If you are looking for a great phone to track fitness, give educational information, and music, as well as offer applications to help in our exercises, help watch what we eat and take better care of ourselves, then you need to check out the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport today! It has tremendously helped me get back in shape!

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I am sure if you have kids, they are totally obsessed with Frozen! Hayley and Zane probably have watched it a total of 100+ times since it came out on DVD. I am not joking either. Most days you can find Hayley dressed like this:

10177410 10152330509584356 830182468937506927 n THE STORY OF FROZEN: MAKING A DISNEY ANIMATED CLASSIC! Airing on Sept 2!

Now I have some exciting news. They are making a Disney Animated special that I am sure you are all going to watch! Here are the details:

“The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic” is an all-new, original special in a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Lincoln Square Productions and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The special ventures behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look at the origins and evolution of the Academy Award®-winning film “Frozen,” now the biggest animated feature of all time. A breathtaking and fantastic saga, the special tells the real story of making a modern movie based on a timeless tale that nearly overnight became a cultural touchstone for legions of fans.

Screen Shot 2014 09 01 at 10.50.17 AM THE STORY OF FROZEN: MAKING A DISNEY ANIMATED CLASSIC! Airing on Sept 2!

“The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic” airs TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.
Viewers will get a rare look inside Walt Disney Animation Studios and unprecedented access to the creative team that brought “Frozen” to life. Throughout the one-hour special, the audience will hear from “Frozen” stars Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, the directors, songwriters, producer, artists and chief creative officer John Lasseter—the team who dreamed of making a cherished Hans Christian Andersen story into a big-screen animated musical. Viewers will take a journey to the beautiful Norwegian villages and landscapes that inspired the look of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle and see images and footage from the research trips to Norway, Quebec and points beyond that helped create the film’s unforgettable look and feel.

This special will also include some exciting announcements about the next chapter of “Frozen” and a never-before-seen preview of “Frozen” characters Anna, Elsa and Kristoff on an upcoming episode of ABC’s smash-hit “Once Upon a Time.”


The program will culminate in an exclusive sneak peek at the action-packed comedy-adventure “Big Hero 6,” currently in production at Walt Disney Animation Studios –under wraps until now – as the team prepares their next big-screen epic.


“The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic” is hosted by star Josh Gad (voice of Olaf) and features interviews with “Frozen” stars Kristen Bell (voice of Anna) and Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa) as well as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ chief creative officer and “Frozen” executive producer John Lasseter, Academy Award®-winning filmmakers, including directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho, and songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. This one-hour special will also feature exclusive insights and commentary from art director Mike Giaimo and talented artists from the art direction, animation and effects teams. The exclusive sneak peek of “Big Hero 6” is presented by the film’s directors, Don Hall and Chris Williams.


The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic” is produced by Lincoln Square Productions. Jeanmarie Condon is senior executive producer and Rudy Bednar is director of “The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic.”


I know I will be watching! Will you?


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Mamma Chia Snacks and Beverages Mega Review and Giveaway! #MammaChiaMagic

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mamma Chia. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

DSC 1158 Mamma Chia Snacks and Beverages Mega Review and Giveaway! #MammaChiaMagicSimilar to the founder, Janie Hoffman, of the amazing company Mamma Chia, my good friend suffered with an autoimmune illness and credits the chia seed for making her better. I honestly never heard too much about the chia seed until she raved about the benefits. The chia seeds provide a  great source of energy and are a great way to detox the body naturally. Due to Janie Hoffman successes with the chia seed, she invented an entire line of snacks and drinks using the chia seeds. She founded Mamma Chia, the award winning, organic, chia-based food and beverage company, and the first-to-market chia seed beverage.  She has had great successes with Mamma Chia since 2009, when it was founded.

At Mamma Chia, you will find various products including Organic Vitality Beverages, Organic Chia Squeeze, Organic Chia Seeds, and an Organic Clean Energy Drink.  All of these products are filled with fiber and protein to boost your brain with up to a day’s worth of Omega-3S, and give you renewed energy and vitality. My family and I had the chance to sample the Organic Chia Squeezes and they are now definitely a fan favorite in our household.

The Organic Chia Squeezes are made up of the organic chia seeds, combined with organic fruits and vegetables, for a delicious 70 calorie, no-sugar added snack for on-the-go. What I love about these pouches is they are extremely portable to eat at home, or on-the-go like in the car to the many activities my kids are in. I always find a hard snack for them to take with them (without making a mess) and now I can provide them delicious nutrition with these squeezes. I even started to add it to their lunch boxes and they have been raving to their friends how delicious they truly are.DSC 1161 1024x682 Mamma Chia Snacks and Beverages Mega Review and Giveaway! #MammaChiaMagic

These yummy snacks do not need to be refrigerated so they can last a long time, if your child chooses to have their snack later. They feature 1,200 mg of Omega-3s, 4g of fiber, 2g of complete protein, and have only 70 calories in each pouch. They come in many delicious flavors such as Apple Cinnamon, Blackberry Bliss, Green Magic, Mango Coconut, Strawberry, Banana, and Wild Raspberry. Each pouch is under $2, which is very affordable for a healthy snack that your family will eat. My kids favorite flavor was the Mango Coconut, and mine was the Apple Cinnamon. However, you can not go wrong with any of the other flavors. Perfect for eating any time of the day, these snacks will quickly become fan favorites in your household.DSC 1156 1024x682 Mamma Chia Snacks and Beverages Mega Review and Giveaway! #MammaChiaMagic

Mamma Chia also makes other products such as the Organic Vitality Beverages, which is a refreshing and satisfying drink, combined with nutrient-rich chia seeds and organic fruit juices. With 9 flavors and over 2,500 mg of Omega-3S/4g of protein/95 mg calcium, this drink will serve many important purposes throughout the day. The Organic Energy Drinks contain the natural-energy of Guayusa, which is treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants and vitamins delivering sustained energy without the jitters associated with coffee, soda, or other energy drinks.Screen Shot 2014 08 31 at 10.30.27 AM Mamma Chia Snacks and Beverages Mega Review and Giveaway! #MammaChiaMagic

Be sure to check out the entire Mamma Chia line today and follow them on Facebook/Twitter to learn more!

Giveaway: One winner will receive a full bag of Mamma Chia’s new black and white chia seeds, one week worth of Chia Squeezes, one week worth of beverage vouchers, and  one copy of Jane’s new book- Chia Vitality. This giveaway package is retailed at $75. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter, so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me what Mamma Chia products you like. Please put all comments in comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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